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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hafta Vasuli or collecting money is big issue in Dhanbad Jharkhand

Hello Friends,

I want to share with you my real experience about 'HAFTA VASULI'  i.e. collecting money from market which is illegal. Suppose that you are doing your own business, it can be any type and some body who is the 'rangdar' of that place and they will ask you money daily on your earning(sharing of your income). Will you give your money to 'anti social person'.

I have seen that I was going somewhere in auto and there are some 'rangdars' i.e. anti social person asking money from auto driver in every trip. I could not understand the matter. I have lot of question in my mind that

Why he is asking money

Who is the person responsible for it, the one who is giving money because he has to do business and the one who is asking money from him

who is the chief of these people

The big question is that, the money he is taking from auto driver, they are not providing any receipt on the paid money. It is totally illegal.

That is why I am telling you, these are the small things which is puling back to the state. People who are education but still they are giving illegal money to them, because they have to run their business in that locality.

Now! Tell me friends, is it illegal? and what are things we should do against them.

If you have been asked for such money, first of all, according to me,  take a snap or record the video or voice of the asker then go to the local Police station and lodge the FIR.

Somewhat , the local police also support them, that is why they might not have lodged your complaint, if they do such then go to the higher authority or any social NGO or foundation and say the full story. Show that snap or video recording to them. You are one who can change the tradition and think about the success of the State and your city.

We should not give money to them at any cost. We should take action against them.


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  1. this article was very informative. thank you very much.