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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Jharkhand committed to rapid industrial growth

As published in Hindustan Times, New Delhi on 26th Sept 2012. It was nice to to know about the development of our Jharkhand that

Jharkhand Achievement: As many as 26 mega industries, 106 large and medium industries and 18,109 micro and small industries have been set up in the State during the period with an approximate investment of Rs 28,424.06 crore and about 63,000 people thus far got employment in these industries.

Apart from this The Jharkhand Government is doing good in Jharkhand very rapidly. 

Steel Production in the State has been increased from 8-12 million tonnes per annum during its 11th Plan.

The Jharkhand state has installed capacity of 1320 MW. There are many new Industrial policy is to be executed in 2012 in the state.

It is very nice to know about the development of the state, there are many sectors, the Government is working on like

Industrial Corridor and Parks
Skill and Entrepreneurship and Development
Value Addition(Power Plants)
Sericulture, Handloom & Handicraft Textile and Apparels
Information Technology / Bio Technology
Incentives and Concessions
Single Window Clearance
Land Issues and Mines

There are no fields left in the policy, if work will be done in this agenda, the State will also develop.

For more...see Hindustan Times of 26th September 2012.


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