Development of Jharkhand

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Jharkhand New REHABILITATE Rules are good for the development of State

The main reason to be behind from the development is its Land Rehabilitate rules. People used to captures others land and it is the big reasons to keep behind.

There are certain Rehabilitate rules have been passed in Jharkhand.

1. For making house, you will get 1.50 Lakh

2. Free 12.50 Dismil Land to displaced People, who will take land will be given Rs 2 lakh

3. Landless people will get 5 dismil land, who will not take this will be given Rs 80k

4. Landless people will get 1 lakh for making their house. etc

This rules have been passed in all the state and will be at 31st march, 2017.


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