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Sunday, September 21, 2014

No Progress in Jharia-dhanbad

Have a look of Jharia's Map

Jharia which lies in Dhanbad District which is full of Coal and is one of the richest cities in Jharkhand, but people are fedup with this city. They have not been provided the basic things like Electricity, Water, City Cleaning etc.

At last, people are leaving Jharia and making their home outside the city. No Employments are there, students are rushed to big cities for employment. Have a look this post from one of my friend.

Have a look some Dangerous Pictures from Jharia.

Coal fires cause pollution and ground subsidence at the world's largest coal-fire complex near Jharia, India.

Bulldozers remove burning coal from the coal fires at Jharia.
Post by Ravi Kumar Gupta.

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